Xvfb server

Chris Hodgins chodgins at cis.strath.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 03:29:43 PST 2005


I am currently doing the big upgrade with perl and all related packages. 
  I have just noticed that I now have the Xvfb server running on 7001. 
My  firewall stops it from being accessed remotely but I never had it 
running before.  I am guessing that one of the ports that has been 
upgraded decided it needed it and so it was installed and turned on.  I 
Just upgraded to Xfce4.2 as well (superb btw ;)).

So my questions are:

* Do I need this server running...the man page suggests it is for testing?

* If I do need it, what package has added it and why?

* Can I turn it off and how?


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