FreeBSD Logo Context (baka context)

Luís VitórioCargnini cargnini at
Thu Feb 10 04:01:28 PST 2005

Is this true? Who had this stupid idea (with all my respect), but we
can't be forcecd to change our logo just because religious guys have
fear of the logo, our logo is the best on entire world, look the new
netbsd logo....
FreeBSD (or whatever) is for geeks and nerds and Computer Scientist
If this logo change i will change to Linux because even when HP and IBM
think that Tux is to silly they DON'T CHANGED, to satisfy some silly

Please the entire list forgive me, but i'm sick because this daemons of
stupidity discussing bull-shit when we have more important things.

For who like the logo, help to save him:

Thanks & Regards
Luís Vitório Cargnini
Msc.,Bsc. Computer Science

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