Can I... (sure can!)

m.hauber at m.hauber at
Thu Feb 10 03:55:26 PST 2005

What up, Leandro...

This aint Mandrake, and you'll have to learn
how a real OS works, but I'd be pretty shocked
to learn that it wouldn't work on your system.  :)

HTH, and good luck taming the beast!  :)


> Hi there!
> I would to know if i can install the last relase of freeBSD on my computer.
> It's an acer travelmate 201t(It's old i know), celeron 600, 320Mb RAM, HD 4.7Gb.
> Can I have problems with KDE (I' ve already had with Mandrake 10...)?!?
> There is a way to fix these problems (I see the screen only during the
> install phase (with graphics), then at the reboot the screen becomes
> black)...
> I hope there will be no problems with freeBSD.
> Thank You Leandro

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