Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such asNetBSD!!!

David Gerard fun at
Thu Feb 10 01:51:07 PST 2005

David Gerard (fun at [050210 20:41]:

> I'd rather see effort towards some of the really *stupid* bugs in 5.x that
> languish for months with a fix included. Like linux-pango being broken,
> meaning that by default you can't actually run a lot of recent Linux
> binaries (a Thunderbird nightly got me on that one). Or /etc/fstab allowing
> msdos as a disk type but fsck not, and the fsck refusing to accept the fix
> despite the system inconsistency. *Stupid* little things like that are
> actually the most distressing thing about 5.x - I use FreeBSD because it
> mostly does The Right Thing.

I meant, of course, the fsck.c maintainer. I certainly do not wish to call
someone a fsck ;-) and apologise for any offence given!

If the "new logo" doesn't have horns then it will be prima facie evidence
that FreeBSD has been taken over by fsckwits.

- d.

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