Using FreeBSD to migrate Windows XP?

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Tue Feb 8 05:18:06 PST 2005

John wrote:
> OK - I've finally come to the realization (a little slow, I know)
> that a 5.8Gb disk drive is just not enough to support a desktop
> environment (including JAVA) for both Windows XP and FreeBSD on my
> laptop. :(
> I have used dump(8) to dump out my filesystems.  I am wondering
> if I can just use "dd" to dump out all of /dev/ad0s1 also,
> and then use "dd" to put it back again when I'm done.  Then
> I'd boot the installation CD into "fixit" mode, build a new
> MBR, make sure that the new s1 was the same or very slightly larger
> than the old s1, and use dd to put it back again.  Can anyone
> speak to either the "doomed to failure" or "I've done this and
> it works" scenarios?

Not doomed, but don't expect to read data on other than FBSD systems. 
This is described in the handbook under using removable media (CD/DVD) 
for backups.

Cheers, Erik

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