Openoffice startup question

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Sun Feb 6 18:28:10 PST 2005

> I installed openoffice-1.1.4 via using pkg_add on a package pulled down from 
> the FreeBSD web cite.  It installed with only two minor warnings regarding 
> out of date packages.  Those have been upgraded and pkgdb -F fixed the 
> dependencies.
> However, the initiall set up instructions don't seam to work.  When I type 
> "openoffice", I get "Command not found" for a response.  It doesn't matter 
> whether I enter the command as an ordinary user or as root.  This is true 
> even when I move to /usr/local/bin where there are several openoffice files.
> Any suggestions on what to do next would be appreciated.

I found I had to type 'soffice'   or 'swriter',  etc.

All that after adding  /usr/local/OpenOffice1.1/program/  to my path

So, the full startup is: 

It will depend a little on where you have it install and which
version you install.

I seem to remember getting this hint out of some online article, but I
don't remember what it was anymore.

Anyway, it amounts to an error in Openoffice documentation as it
is installed on FreeBSD.   


> thanks,
> Ned
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