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Sun Feb 6 04:15:30 PST 2005

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 03:55:39AM -0500, Incoming Mail List wrote:
> I'm experiencing a strange problem with smbfs and can't find any
> references to it on the web.  I've mounted a share from a win2k
> machine that contains JPEG images to a mount point on my FreeBSD
> system using mount_smbfs.  The mount point is located within an http
> directory tree so the JPEG images can be published on the web without
> using ftp.

I take it the files view just fine over http, just not through the smb

> >From the FBSD console (or terminal), I can read, copy, and write
> to/from the win2k share.  All files within the win2k share are
> showing 755 permissions.

The permissions you see under freebsd are not the same permissions that
win2k is providing.  The smb client running on your freebsd box is setup
by default to offer all files as 755 permissions, but the samba client
doesn't verify that it can offer those files to you so you may still not
be able to read the files even though it looks like it in freebsd.
Assuming the user you are access it as is account, make sure on the
windows box that user account has permission to read the files.

> When I point a web browser (konqueror,MSIE) at the URL for this
> particular mount point the contents of the share show up (http
> directory listing) but I can't view any of the JPEG images.  When
> I click on any image listed in the http directory listing, they
> show up blank just as if you had requested an image that doesn't
> exist on the web server.
> >From the FBSD side, I changed directory to the win2k share and
> created an HTML file that output text only.  It worked.  After
> refreshing the web browser, the .html file was listed and when
> I clicked on it, it rendered the text.
> Next, I added an <img> tag to the same HTML file in the win2k share
> so it would output a JPEG image that was located there.  The text
> appeared, but the image didn't.
> Next, I used a third machine running XP and accessed the win2k share
> via windows explorer.  I clicked my way into the share and XP
> rendered all the images.
> I don't have X on the FBSD machine so I was not able to test viewing
> the JPEG images locally on the FBSD side.
> For some reason, JPEG images located within a smbfs mount will not
> display through a web browser.  Has anyone else experienced this?
> Anyone willing to try to reproduce this?  I don't know if this is
> smbfs, samba, or apache.
> ========================
> mount_smbfs -N -I //account at machine/share /path/to/mountpnt
> FBSD 5.2.1
> Apache-2.0.52
> Samba-3.0.10
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