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Sun Feb 6 00:54:52 PST 2005

I'm experiencing a strange problem with smbfs and can't find any
references to it on the web.  I've mounted a share from a win2k
machine that contains JPEG images to a mount point on my FreeBSD
system using mount_smbfs.  The mount point is located within an http
directory tree so the JPEG images can be published on the web without
using ftp.

>From the FBSD console (or terminal), I can read, copy, and write
to/from the win2k share.  All files within the win2k share are
showing 755 permissions.

When I point a web browser (konqueror,MSIE) at the URL for this
particular mount point the contents of the share show up (http
directory listing) but I can't view any of the JPEG images.  When
I click on any image listed in the http directory listing, they
show up blank just as if you had requested an image that doesn't
exist on the web server.

>From the FBSD side, I changed directory to the win2k share and
created an HTML file that output text only.  It worked.  After
refreshing the web browser, the .html file was listed and when
I clicked on it, it rendered the text.

Next, I added an <img> tag to the same HTML file in the win2k share
so it would output a JPEG image that was located there.  The text
appeared, but the image didn't.

Next, I used a third machine running XP and accessed the win2k share
via windows explorer.  I clicked my way into the share and XP
rendered all the images.

I don't have X on the FBSD machine so I was not able to test viewing
the JPEG images locally on the FBSD side.

For some reason, JPEG images located within a smbfs mount will not
display through a web browser.  Has anyone else experienced this?
Anyone willing to try to reproduce this?  I don't know if this is
smbfs, samba, or apache.

mount_smbfs -N -I //account at machine/share /path/to/mountpnt

FBSD 5.2.1

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