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 >> Am I the only one longing for a freebsd-legal mail list that I will not
 >> subscribe to?

 > Hmm - let's see now, FreeBSD's entire reason for existence is to keep
 > UNIX from being legally locked up by copyright holders so that people
 > like you can play with it - and you purport to be completely uninterested
 > in legal issues?

 > I guess only the FreeBSD legal issues that don't directly affect you -
 > now
 > what were those again?

 > Ted

This is a very good point.  Eons ago, this thread got started because
someone asked to have some of their posts removed from the archive of
this list.  If people are getting sued because of actions that they
may or may not take when _volunteering_ their time in good faith to
manage a support list such as this, then we have a problem.


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