Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Fri Feb 4 23:35:18 PST 2005

Mike Hauber wrote:
> Fact is, the cats out of the bag, and I have yet to meet a cat 
> that likes bags.  :)

I went on radio some years ago, now I realize that the radiowaves are 
about to hit alien civilizations. In order not to embaras my self or the 
  entire human race, I'd like to have those radio waves back - now! I 
want to revoke any permission - implicit or explicit - for my radio 
broadcast to be archived with the cosmic background radiation.

This is getting rediculously off topic :-) Now where did I put the cat? 
- can I tell if it is dead or alive if I don't know where it is?

Cheers, Erik
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