Sendmail masquerading configuration

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Sun Feb 6 02:28:22 PST 2005

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> Hi,
> I'm hoping someone can help me with this.
> I want to make sendmail (on a 5.3-Release server) leave the 
> host name out of 
> the sender address when sending mail from that machine.
> I.E. mail from root currently has a sender address of 
> root at, I 
> want it to be root at instead.

Not possible, I think, as I recall masquerading only works on 
users not in the T macro. (ie: Trusted Users)  root is
most definitely in this macro.

Masquerading is a bullshit way of doing this kind of
thing anyhow.  Use the -f switch if your calling the sendmail
binary directly from programs.  If your using /bin/mail 
as a MUA, then get a better one like Elm or Pine that
lets you do this.


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