make.conf syntax question (MODULES_OERRRIDE)

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Feb 4 09:55:01 PST 2005

"Colin J. Raven" <colin at> writes:

> I'm considering *not* loading unecessary modules in a new kernel, so I 
> need to ask what seems like some dumb questions.
> In the kernel config file (MYKERNEL in this case) does commenting out 
> stuff there stop some modules from loading? So for example if I comment 
> out SCSI support are the relevant modules for that built, or not built 
> when compiling the new kernel? It seems that the logical answer is 
> "they're not built if you comment them out" yet I have no way of knowing 
> if that instinct call is right or not.

By default, all of the modules are built whether you use them or not.
That has nothing to do with the kernel config file; if you compile an
option directly into the kernel, you don't need to load a module in
order to use that functionality.

> The second question concerns the make.conf MODULES_OVERRIDE option 
> syntax. Is the syntax:

Don't bother with that option at all; your belief that you need it is
based on your incorrect understanding of what modules (as opposed to
kernel definitions) do.  Other than a little bit extra build time,
there's rarely any reason for an ordinary user to *not* build all of
the modules every time.

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