Flash 6 Slow with Mozilla

Alejandro Pulver alejandro at varnet.biz
Fri Feb 4 08:50:23 PST 2005

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 03:36:32 -0800
"Loren M. Lang" <lorenl at alzatex.com> wrote:

> I've been trying out the macromedia flash 6 plugin with mozilla recently
> by playing some flash games and everything seems to run much more slowly
> than they should.  They run just fine on the same system running linux
> so I'm wondering if this is just a problem with freebsd's linux emulation.
> I'm using a native build of mozila 1.7.x with flash 6 on FreeBSD 5.3
> running on a P4 2.4GHz with 1G 'o DDR 2700 ram so my system is plenty
> fast.  Do other people have the same problem with it running slow or
> would something be misconfigured on my system.  I'm also using
> linux_base-rh-9, but I think it was the same with version 7 or 8.

I have experienced the same problem while playing a flash movie (the DOOM 3 trailer). I think it is the linux plugin emulation (linuxpluginwrapper).

I solved this by installing a linux browser (like 'linux-mozilla', 'linux-opera' or 'linux-mozillafirebird') with 'linux-flashplugin-x'. So there is not a plugin wrapper between the browser and the plugin. That should work like in Linux.

If you use Java, the linux browser will use (one of) the linux JDKs. So you will have to enable 'linprocfs' in fstab.

The port 'linux-mozillafirebird' indicates that is works with 'linux-flashplugin-6' and 'linux-blackdown-jdk14'. Others except 'linux-opera' appear to do not have Java support.

In my FreeBSD-5.3 I have 'linux-opera' with 'linux-flashplugin-7' and 'linux-sun-jdk-1.4' (I saw the falsh movie, even in full-screen mode). And I also have 'linuxpluginwrapper' and 'jdk-1.4' (native) for the native version of 'mozilla'.

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