umass stability 5.3 versus 4.10

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On 02/02/05 03:09 PM, Gregor Mosheh sat at the `puter and typed:
> I've written to the list several times in regards to
> my USB external hard drive. In summary: Under 4.10 it
> worked fine for 5 months and then mysteriously it quit
> working.
> The documentation I found for ehci+umass (albeit
> 3-year-old docs) implied that ehci was "not completely
> stable", and its omission until 4.10 (and my own
> experience with it) makes me believe that.
> My question, though, is: Is ehci+umass considered
> "production quality" under 5.3?

I don't think so.  ehci is still considered unfinished in 5.3.  The
manpage has the following:

     The driver is not finished and is quite buggy.

     Currently there is no support for hubs that are connected with
     high speed upstream and low or full speed downstream (i.e., for
     transaction translators).

     There is also no support for interrupt or isochronous transfers.

I recently tried to plug ehci into my kernel and all I got for my
trouble was a kernel panic.

Good luck
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