Getting a microphone to work

Joachim Dagerot jd at
Wed Feb 2 11:55:32 PST 2005

I have an old Dell Cpt 550 laptop where I run freeSBIE.

Although I'm rather experienced with freeBSD I have never really have worked with the client-side part of it, so I don't know much of X or any other client side software (kde, gnome or whatever they are called is the same)

I'm king of ssh so to say!

Now, I want to have the integrated microphone up and running. I also want to 'teach' the computer a few phrases (3-4 or so) and have it interact with a software when it hears the phrase.

Where do I start? Please point me to drivers, test software, guides or where to download that wonderful "VoiceControlYouImageViewer.gz" that you have laying around.

Any tip is welcome, imagine I know nothing about this!

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