Routing Problem

Thomas Foster tbonius at
Wed Feb 2 01:46:59 PST 2005

Im confused.. if you have two T1s, then are using /30s dor the ranges?  If 
so.. what about not giving a default gateway for either one and just add 

Are you attempting utilize this as just a router.?

Theres a section that covers setting up routing on interfaces in the 

Hope this helps

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Subject: Routing Problem

>I am having a problem setting up a multi-homed host.  I have two
> separate T1 internet connections, and one physical NIC in my FreeBSD
> box.  The two networks are as follows:
> Connection 1:
> LAN Address:
> Router Address:
> Connection 2:
> LAN Address:
> Router Address:
> I would like to set up my FreeBSD box so that I can connect to either
> LAN address from the outside world.  The problem is that I cannot
> specify two default gateways.  Right now, I have set up as a
> default gateway, and I can get to the IP from the outside
> world.  However, I can't get to  I can't even ping it.  From
> the FreeBSD box, I can ping, and from the outside world I can
> ping, but I can't ping from the outside world.
> Is there any way to make this work?  How can I make FreeBSD have two
> default gateways?  I read somewhere about being able to set up source
> routing, but I haven't been able to find any HOWTO's about that.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

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