mail malady - dns/postfix

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Wed Aug 31 16:25:29 GMT 2005

Norberto Meijome wrote:
> Jerod Prothe wrote:
>> CNAME to galley?  That's a good idea. 
> this will only affect those who have an updated record of your zone and 
> can see that new record. For those that still think that MX is otto on 
> it's real(old) IP, the CNAME wont help them a bit. Assigning otto's 
> public IP to galley will fix this problem.

Doh! /me thwacks self with clue stick... so obvious, especially when 
we did exactly that on our last mail server replacement, in order to 
avoid this very problem.

> Also, you may want to make triple sure the serial of your zone gets 
> updated with every change...else downstream DNS servers wont necessarily 
> pickup the changes.

>> I changed it and reduced the expire time to 10d (I got it out of the 
>> Lehey Complete FreeBSD book).  I wonder why it is that Australia has 
>> updated but a US State has not?

Hard to say, but as far as a management discussion goes, it is clear 
that this problem has really nothing to do with your selection of 
FreeBSD as DNS/mail host, and (barring better failsafe procedures 
like IP number migration) would have occurred regardless of the OS 
chosen. The problem as such is 3rd party systems you can't control.

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