mail malady - dns/postfix

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Wed Aug 31 15:59:14 GMT 2005

Jerod Prothe wrote:

> CNAME to galley?  That's a good idea. 
this will only affect those who have an updated record of your zone and 
can see that new record. For those that still think that MX is otto on 
it's real(old) IP, the CNAME wont help them a bit. Assigning otto's 
public IP to galley will fix this problem.

Also, you may want to make triple sure the serial of your zone gets 
updated with every change...else downstream DNS servers wont necessarily 
pickup the changes.

> I changed it and reduced the 
> expire time to 10d (I got it out of the Lehey Complete FreeBSD book).  I 
> wonder why it is that Australia has updated but a US State has not?

because i never looked up your zone before, so when I just did it, it 
had to go to the authoritative server to look it up. that info is 
correct, hence what I can see is correct.

and for your own sake, if your servers can take it, i'd reduce those 10d 
to whatever delay you are willing to put up with for updates in your 
zone. I just beef up the DNS server and set it to 20 minutes - which 
equates to almost full propagation in about an hour or so (with most of 
the traffic updated within 30 minutes). **YMMV**.


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