Disaster recovery ?

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>Subject: Disaster recovery ?
>I had a working FreeBSd 5.3 RELEASE server running postfix and
>zope until
>last night. When I checked it in the morning, it had a bunch of "ad4 ...
>UNRECOVERABLE ERROR" messages on it. Upon a reboot, it
>complains it cannot
>find /boot/loader (error 16). Last week, it had shut down without any
>apparent reason but came up upon reboot. Sounds like the hard disk is
>fried. Its a new server (just 5 months old or so).
>How do I recover what was on the partitions ?

You don't   With the price of UDMA disks and the price of hardware IDE
controllers as cheap as they are, anyone setting up a production server
on a
single IDE disk is taking a totally unnecessary and stupid gamble.

Consider it a learning experience.  We have all had it happen to us at
once.  You probably needed to update your install anyhow.

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