Is there a way to connect to a Microsoft VPN?

WOB wayofbsd at
Tue Aug 30 15:14:18 GMT 2005


Is there a way to connect my FreeBSD 5.4 box to a Microsoft VPN?  
Basically, I use FreeBSD at home, and want to connect to my XP Pro box 
at work.  On Linux, I think they have a VPN program you can run, then 
you can use rdesktop to connect to a Windows host on the VPN LAN.  On 
FreeBSD, I have used rdesktop to control a XP Pro box, but it was in my 
house.  I tried this a year ago, but I don't think there was a way to 
get the VPN connection going, unless I bought a VPN-router, or was 
running Windows inside VMWare.

I also tried to make a VPN connection from inside QEMU, but it did not work.

Is amyone able to connect a home FreeBSD box to a remoted XP Pro box 
that is on a VPN?

I have a DSL modem, and a router from my ISP.  I might be able to buy 
another router that supports VPN's, and add it to my home LAN, and plug 
my FreeBSD box in to it (or buy another NIC and plug the 2nd NIC in to it).


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