Interrupt Storm Dell PowerEdge 1850

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Aug 29 17:58:30 GMT 2005

Nicklas B. Westerlund wrote:

>John Straiton wrote:
>>I am attempting to install 5.4R on a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1850 
>>machine. The installation goes perfectly however after the reboot, I 
>>am unable to log into the machine (or in this case, create the 
>>entropy salt)
>Let me take a quick guess.. You've got the DRAC4 card installed?
>If you do, that's why the keyboard doesn't work, as it defaults to the
>DRAC4 one (Although it's only a virtual keyboard). 
>If that's the case, just go to singleuser, and change devd.conf and
>change ukbd0 to ukbd1.
But if you do that, then I believe you will not be able to use the DRAC 
as a remote console because your virtual keyboard won't work.  (not 
without changing to the ukbd0 from your real keyboard, which pretty much 
defeats the point of the virtual keyboard i.e. using it automatically 
from miles away).

My advice is to use the DRAC as your console.  You can still use a PS/2 
kbd for the BIOS or from the install CD (as long as you don't pick 
option 8(?) "boot with USB kbd").


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