Interrupt Storm Dell PowerEdge 1850

Nicklas B. Westerlund nicklas at
Sat Aug 27 10:42:38 GMT 2005

John Straiton wrote:

> Hello,
> I am attempting to install 5.4R on a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1850 
> machine. The installation goes perfectly however after the reboot, I 
> am unable to log into the machine (or in this case, create the 
> entropy salt)


Let me take a quick guess.. You've got the DRAC4 card installed?
If you do, that's why the keyboard doesn't work, as it defaults to the
DRAC4 one (Although it's only a virtual keyboard). 
If that's the case, just go to singleuser, and change devd.conf and
change ukbd0 to ukbd1.


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