Users unable to select their own window manager in X.

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Aug 29 12:38:31 GMT 2005

On Aug 29, 2005, at 9:35 PM, modelt20 at wrote:

> Hello All:
> Last week, I did a CVSup on all ports, and then did a
> portupgrade over the weekend. The portupgrade completed
> successfully, without significant errors.
> Now, normal users are no longer able to set their own
> window manager (e.g. fvwm2) in X, but logging in as
> root, I can. The user's .xinitrc file has not changed
> recently, but when the user launches X, all they get is
> the grey hatched background with a black X for the
> mouse pointer. No windows (clock, mail, task panel,
> etc) appear. If I rename the user's .xinitrc file and
> then start X, the standard 'xterm' window manager
> loads. As root, the fvwm2 window manager loads fine. It
> appears the portupgrade changed a permissions setting
> somewhere, but beings this ran over the weekend, I
> don't know what setting got changed.
> Also, X is now reporting that it cannot load 'speedo',
> that the file doesn't exist. This too began after the
> portupgrade. When I look for the file in the 'fonts'
> folder, it is indeed missing.
> Does anyone know what went wrong, and what I need to
> change to get things back?

     Some fonts are indeed missing even though they are listed in the  
xorg.conf file. I don't know why though as I am not an X expert. So  
feel free to delete any and all unfound references.
     This shouldn't cause any issues with WMs not loading though I  
would think..

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