Users unable to select their own window manager in X.

modelt20 at modelt20 at
Mon Aug 29 12:35:20 GMT 2005

Hello All:

Last week, I did a CVSup on all ports, and then did a
portupgrade over the weekend. The portupgrade completed
successfully, without significant errors.

Now, normal users are no longer able to set their own
window manager (e.g. fvwm2) in X, but logging in as
root, I can. The user's .xinitrc file has not changed
recently, but when the user launches X, all they get is
the grey hatched background with a black X for the
mouse pointer. No windows (clock, mail, task panel,
etc) appear. If I rename the user's .xinitrc file and
then start X, the standard 'xterm' window manager
loads. As root, the fvwm2 window manager loads fine. It
appears the portupgrade changed a permissions setting
somewhere, but beings this ran over the weekend, I
don't know what setting got changed.

Also, X is now reporting that it cannot load 'speedo',
that the file doesn't exist. This too began after the
portupgrade. When I look for the file in the 'fonts'
folder, it is indeed missing.

Does anyone know what went wrong, and what I need to
change to get things back?

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