basic install question - what am I missing?

D. Goss lists at
Sun Aug 28 05:32:56 GMT 2005

On Aug 26, 2005, at 7:14 PM, D. Goss wrote:

> Sorry to have to ask this but I'm stuck...
> I've had FreeBSD 5.4 installed on an IBM xSeries 345 (the same box)  
> many times.  I've been experimenting with (a) the stock setup and  
> then (b) adding a ServeRAID card which led to (c) an Adaptec  
> (ASR-2230) RAID card (software management exists that runs under  
> Linux mode).
> All has been well until stage (c).  After setting up logical drive  
> from RAID5 array using either of the two FreeBSD install CDs that I  
> have (normal ISO and network install ISO) lead to:
> Building the boot loader arguments
> Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
> Load Error: 0x12
> Could not find Primary Volume Descriptor
> I have tried removing the Adaptec card and reverting to "stock"  
> mode... same error.  I have checked the BIOS on the machine and for  
> the heck of it reset it to the default configuration.  I've double  
> checked cabling and am out of things to try.
> Can someone please shed some light on this one?  I've Googled my  
> error message and only come up with things relating to older  
> hardware.  Also, I've had FreeBSD installed on this machine fine  
> from the ISOs.  I re-downloaded the net install ISO and burnt it,  
> same problem.

I didn't get a response yet so maybe I can simplify my question (and  
make it more machine independent).  Can someone tell me what exactly  
happening when the primary volume descriptor can't be found so maybe  
I can take some guesses at where to start hunting for what changed on  
my machine?  I'm lost as to where to hunt, I'm gussing it's BIOS  
settable since machine was working before in this configuration...

Thanks -

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