Zyxel Prestige ADSL

Patrick Lindholm fin7pl at dnainternet.net
Wed Aug 24 18:20:53 GMT 2005

Hello i have Zyxel Prestige 623R-T1  ADSL modem

There is no NAT or other DHCP services running on the modem. Access via 
http address

When i plug it into my Windows machine everything works.

Well i want to of course use my Freebsd machine wich is my NATD / Firewall 
box  for my LAN.

I do not want to use the ADSL modem for NAT.

With another ADSL modem (it´s rental and now i want my own Zyxel to work) 
everything works ok.  My outer ethernet card get´s its IP from ISP.  But 
with zyxel no.  INET ?    When i plug Zyxel to Windows everything 
works.  I do not understand?

Thanks in advance.


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