Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Aug 24 17:46:41 GMT 2005

Patrick Lindholm wrote:
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> But the Does´nt appear to be available for other computers 
> on my LAN
> So i checked out some manuals and used command: ARP -Ds sl0 
> pub  and came visible to other computers on my LAN.
> So now i thought that all i have to do is to put on my BSDBOX 
> natd.conf    to redirect  all requests from 23 and 81 to  
> right? and allow of course ports from Firewall  (My software with the 
> SLIP has entrance via HTTP and TELNET)
> Well nobody can´t still connect to my Linux software from outside?    
>  From my LAN it´works ok.
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The first problem was a result of trying to use ARP to a machine not on the 
local subnet, which the SLIP connection is not.  If you're going to use that, 
you either need to proxy arp for the box, or set up routing on both sides so 
that the 192.168.255.x and 129.168.0.y subnets know about each other.

Second, for NAT port forwarding to work, the Linux box has to route replies 
back via a path that goes to the FreeBSD box running NATD.  In other words, the 
default route of the Linux box may have to point back via the FreeBSD box.

There are other wordarounds available, such as using SSH portforwarding, netcat 
(nc), or the TIS FWTK plug-gw to proxy the connections to your internal net to 
avoid changing the routing, but you're getting into some complex networking...


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