How do I get packages with tgz files

Bharma bharmaji at
Wed Aug 24 15:32:38 GMT 2005

Am sorry for the typos. The problem is actually this.
The KDE packages available right now are tbz files.
However, pkg_add on FreeBSD 4.2.8 understands only tgz
files. I earlier wrote that I was trying to install
tgz files though I meant that I was trying to install
tbz files.
So the question is how to I get tgz files?
The different ways that I have thought of 
a) Download tbz - convert it into tgz and let pkg_add
download it from a local ftp location. The problem is
that what happens if pkg_add wants to download
dependencies also (or is kde-<version>.tgz the
complete package and is the only file to be
b) build from ports - qt compilation is failing 
c) upgrade pkg_add only to understand tbz files. This
is a better solution except I don't know how to
upgrade pkg_add only (and if it is possible with
FreeBSD 4.2.8 kernel)

--- Jerahmy Pocott <quakenet1 at> wrote:

> On 24/08/2005, at 4:10 PM, Bharma wrote:
> > Hi
> > I am working with a machine with FreeBSD 4.2.8
> > version. I am not allowed to change the version on
> the
> > machine. I want to install some packages - in
> > particular the KDE package on the machine
> > pkg_add
> >
> > results in pkg_add responding that it does not
> > understand tgz files. It may be that pkg_add for
> > FreeBSD 4.2.8 is old. How do I get tgz files then.
> Well 4.2 is pretty old now..
> But tgz files are the same as .tar.gz, it is just an
> abbreviation of it,
> it means the file has been tar'd then gzipped..
> You can extract it with tar using the -z option or
> run gunzip on it
> first..
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