How do I get packages with tgz files

Jerahmy Pocott quakenet1 at
Wed Aug 24 11:35:41 GMT 2005

On 24/08/2005, at 4:10 PM, Bharma wrote:

> Hi
> I am working with a machine with FreeBSD 4.2.8
> version. I am not allowed to change the version on the
> machine. I want to install some packages - in
> particular the KDE package on the machine
> pkg_add
> ftp://pub/FreeBSD/ports/packages/kde/kde<version>.tbz
> results in pkg_add responding that it does not
> understand tgz files. It may be that pkg_add for
> FreeBSD 4.2.8 is old. How do I get tgz files then.

Well 4.2 is pretty old now..

But tgz files are the same as .tar.gz, it is just an abbreviation of it,
it means the file has been tar'd then gzipped..

You can extract it with tar using the -z option or run gunzip on it

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