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Pavel Jordák pavel.jordak at
Tue Aug 23 18:23:07 GMT 2005

On 22 Srpen 2005, 15:28, gary masigon napsal(a):
> Hi, i need help to setup my freebsd as a NAT server, i
> cannot ping the external gateway from the client side
> of my FreeBSD server but i can ping the FreeBSD
> server. I followed all the instructions in the hand
> book but i cannot get the client side to connect to
> any www. freebsd server can ping the clients and the
> gateway, i am using a private ip address  of
> 192.168.x.x in my external LANcard because i am behind
> a router and in my int. it is also okay to
> edit the kernel instead of recompilig it to make IPFW
> works. tnx

Hi, Gary,

I absolutely don't want start any flame war about ipfw, pf etc.

I would only like to tell you about my private experience:
For times I tried to manage my various NAT/firewall/router setups
with ipfw (it worked nearly every time but I was newer really sure
that I did know, what I had done ;-|. Then, after OpenBSD's pf got to be
adapted for FreeBSD standard kernel, it was all clear for me.

There is an excelent doc about pf, which answers all questions and
gives some good examples:

It is written by OpenBSD folks for OpenBSD but fits for FreeBSD
without changes.

Good luck, Pavel Jordak.

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