Mozilla/Firefox weirdness

Michael L. Hostbaek mich at
Mon Aug 22 15:09:42 GMT 2005

O. Hartmann (ohartman) writes:
> I completely recompiled everything, I deinstalled both Mozilla and 
> Firefox, but it is always the same behaviour. Can someone help or report 
> about similar or the same problem?
> One idea is that this has to do with some access rights of the user's 
> profile directory.

It is most likely the cause of wrong permissions.
You can try to take a look in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/ directory. The
file that holds that sort of information is calledd userpref.js

Alternatively you can simply delete ~/.mozilla/firefox directory, and
Firefox will create a fresh profile upon restart. (Note, this will
delete all your Firefox settings, bookmarks and cookie information)


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