Mozilla/Firefox weirdness

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Mon Aug 22 14:37:15 GMT 2005

Since I upgrade my box from FreeBSD-5.4 to 6.0 it seems that I run into 
some really strange Firefox/Mozilla behaviour. The phenomenon is 
described really quickly: I can not save some configurations, like using 
which type of SSL/TSL, block popups etc. I can mark the boxes, but 
whenever I call the same config window, all checkboxes are set to a 
initial value not choosen by me. The browser also does not save any configs.

I completely recompiled everything, I deinstalled both Mozilla and 
Firefox, but it is always the same behaviour. Can someone help or report 
about similar or the same problem?

One idea is that this has to do with some access rights of the user's 
profile directory.

Thanks in advance,

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