"dk-milter" installation

Gerard Seibert gerard-seibert at suscom.net
Sun Aug 21 19:43:01 GMT 2005

I was wondering if anyone has installed the 'dk-milter-0.3.0_1' port. I
installed it, but I could not get it to run. I received several error
messages at boot-up, even after enabling the files in
'/usr/local/etc/rc.d', which by the way there was no documentation for.
In fact, I was unable to find any documentation for this port on FreeBSD.
If I could locate some decent documentation, perhaps I could get it
running correctly.

I am running FreeBSD 5.4 with Sendmail.

                            _-       _--______
                       __--( /     \ )XXXXXXXXXXXXX_
                     --XXX(   O   O  )XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-
                    /XXX(       U     )        XXXXXXX\
                  /XXXXX(              )--_  XXXXXXXXXXX\
                 /XXXXX/ (      O     )   XXXXXX   \XXXXX\
                 XXXXX/   /            XXXXXX   \__ \XXXXX----
                 XXXXXX__/          XXXXXX         \__----  -
         ---___  XXX__/          XXXXXX      \__         ---
           --  --__/   ___/\  XXXXXX            /  ___---=
             -_    ___/    XXXXXX              '--- XXXXXX
               --\/XXX\ XXXXXX                      /XXXXX
                 \XXXXXXXXX                        /XXXXX/
                  \XXXXXX                        _/XXXXX/
                    \XXXXX--__/              __-- XXXX/
                     --XXXXXXX---------------  XXXXX--

Gerard E. Seibert
gerard-seibert at suscom.net

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