Postfix / Fetchmail Question

Nagilum freebsd at
Sun Aug 21 19:40:47 GMT 2005

Graham Bentley wrote:

>Hi All,
>There are a couple of things that I would like to achieve with my
>running Fetchmail / Postfix combo ;
>1) When a mail comes in for a specific local user it is immediately
>forwarded to another external address.
>This is for when some staff work from home occasionally
>I have goofed about with sender_canonical but I suspect this is more
>to do with re-writing the headers /addresses etc although I am
>probably getting all this round my neck a bit and getting bogged down
>in reading!
Why not just put a .forward (containing the dest. address) file in the 
users home?

>2) Is it possible to have a copy of all in / out mail sent to the
>boss's email box ?
>I have filled out 'aliases' and run newaliases for email that is for
>non user account (for example we have mail at and
>enquiries at
There are several ways to achieve that, if the account is aliased 
through /etc/aliases, just add another account to the recipient list:
boss:   bro at,me at
If the account is the final destination of several adresses you might 
want to have a look at procmail.
But be sure to tell him, otherwise it might be illegal.

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