cache-only named won't resolve "localhost"

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Aug 15 18:42:45 GMT 2005

garys at (Gary W. Swearingen) writes:

> Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> writes:
> > Did you `sh /var/named/etc/namedb/make-localhost` ?
> Yup, but that only handles the reverse translation (which works OK)
> and, of course, doesn't handle other stuff I might have in "/etc/hosts".
> I also have in /etc/nsswitch.conf:
>     hosts: files dns
> so I'd think domain resolution should look in /etc/hosts before
> even checking my cache-only named.  Which it seems to do for "ping",
> but not for "host", "nslookup", or "mozilla".

Of course it won't work for nslookup(1); it's not supposed to.
nslookup is specifically intended for querying a name server.  The
documentation for host(1) isn't as clear on the subject, but my
reading of it seems to indicate the same thing.  So why it isn't
working for mozilla is the only anomaly you are seeing.  What is the
syntax you are using for pointing mozilla at your localhost, and what
are the precise results?

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