Can FreeBSD handle 300G SATA disk?

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Sun Aug 14 23:20:44 GMT 2005

On Aug 14, 2005, at 4:30 PM, Bo Xiao wrote:

>   Installation on another box, also with 5.4R, went well. So it  
> must be
>   this particular Dell PowerEdge 750. After moving the disk back,
>   % sudo newfs /dev/ad3s1d
>   newfs: /dev/ad3s1d: failed to open disk for writing
>   % sudo mount /dev/ad3s1d /mnt/a
>   mount: /dev/ad3s1d: Operation not permitted
>   %

Does the box you are trying this on have a SECURELEVEL set?

kern_securelevel="3"  (or 2 or other number)

After one of the secure levels, you cannot open disks for writing.   
You will have to reset it to NO and reboot and do what you need.   
Read in the handbook for exact details, which I cannot remember now  
(like at which secure level this takes effect)


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