Can FreeBSD handle 300G SATA disk?

Bo Xiao boxiao63 at
Sun Aug 14 22:30:16 GMT 2005

   Installation on another box, also with 5.4R, went well. So it must be
   this particular Dell PowerEdge 750. After moving the disk back,

   % sudo newfs /dev/ad3s1d
   newfs: /dev/ad3s1d: failed to open disk for writing
   % sudo mount /dev/ad3s1d /mnt/a
   mount: /dev/ad3s1d: Operation not permitted

   But dmesg gives right info so not likely the bios.
   Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
   ad2: 76293MB <Maxtor 6Y080M0/YAR51HW0> [155009/16/63] at ata1-master
   ad3: 286168MB <ST3300831AS/3.02> [581421/16/63] at ata1-slave SATA150
   Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad2s1a
   em0: Link is up 100 Mbps Full Duplex

   Bo Xiao

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   >Subject: Re: Can FreeBSD handle 300G SATA disk?
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   >--On August 14, 2005 1:36:42 PM -0700 Glenn Dawson
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   >>At 10:11 PM 8/13/2005, Bo Xiao wrote:
   >>>   Hi,
   >>>   Having trouble install a 300G SATA with 5.4 release. HW is Dell
   >>>   PowerEdge. First disk
   >>>   is a 80G SATA. All is good. When adding the 300G, sysinstall
   >>>   understand the
   >>>   geom, 581421/16/63. It thinks it is 36481/255/63. Cant write to
   >>>   disk. Even if I
   >>>   use G to tell it, it still wont take it.
   >>Both of those geometries specify about the same amount of space,
   >>the second one will be a tiny bit smaller, but when you have 300G
   >>of missing kbytes is no big deal.
   >I missed the original post, but I'm running a Dell box with 2 300GB
   >SATA drives on it, and I had no problems during the install.
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