Failed installation of FreeBSD 5.4

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Sun Aug 14 15:50:38 GMT 2005

Milscvaer <millueradfa at> writes:

> I would like to try to boot the system on the hard
> driv e from a floppy. Maybe there is something wrong
> with the boot record on the HD. Does anyone know if
> this is possible and how I can do that?

Sure, but you've left us in the dark as to what you have to work with
there.  Do you have FreeBSD or some unixy OS on another system or on a
"live CD"?  Or just a floppy "fixit"? Or what?  Do you have enough
hard disk space to leave your /usr/home out of the picture until you
get FreeBSD going on another part of the disk? (Maybe after deleting
unneeded parts of /usr/home's filesystem.)

Anyway, if you can run a FreeBSD off a fixit or live CD somehow, you
can "bsdlabel" to put /boot/boot = boot+boot2 on a floppy so you
should be able to get a "boot2" prompt (the one before the "loader"
prompt) and try to boot your 5.4 from there.  Or you could try using
"fdisk" and "boot0cfg" and "bsdlabel" to put new boot records (MBR,
boot1, and boot2) on a floppy or on your hard disk, too.

If you can DL and burn a CD, get yourself a "live CD" or CD-based
"fixit", else try to find room on your HD for a fresh minimal FreeBSD
install, else get an old HD and install fresh to that.  Another thing
you could try is getting a Grub floppy off the Internet and try
booting from the Grub command line.

I suppose that your problem is related to the fact that your "upgrade"
is reusing your old partition(s) and maybe old boot records.

BTW, if you can keep your /usr/home out of the picture and then copy
it to your new system, you can end up with nice new UFS2 filesystems.

BTW, if that's your only copy of /usr/home, you probably shouldn't be
trying to install a new OS on the disk anyway.  You should be able to
find another HD for a small FreeBSD (or a copy of /usr/home) for VERY
little money these days.

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