Anyone successfully running FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL385?

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>Ok, thanks for the info.
>Do you happen to know whether the iLO has a monitoring/reporting
>function that would notice this and notify me?

No.  I assume that the HP Linux driver has this sort of functionality
in it - but maybe not.  Not even the Windows driver for the RAID card
can do this.

HP has used an agent/manager model with these systems.  The drivers
for the hardware in the system all talk to a HP management server that
you run on a separate PC.  THAT system is what sends the
And of course it's Windows-only.  I would guess the Linux driver has
been enhanced to talk to this but I don't know as I don't use Linux.

>Unfortunately we can't go through a VAR.

Why not?  I know of no industry that is legally barred from purchasing
from a VAR.

>And which VAR would guarantee us FreeBSD will run perfectly?

Any one of them that wanted to make a sale would do so.

>I doubt any would or could.

You are wrong.

>But that doesn't matter anyway.

Yeah, right.  OK, well then listen up.  By not going through a VAR -
which is HP's preferred channel for selling servers, by the way -
you bear the ENTIRE responsibility for specing the Compaq server
yourself - which also means if you buy it and it doesen't work, you
are going to have to deal with wherever you get it from to return it
and exchange for a different model.

THAT is what the value of a VAR is.  A HP VAR that sells a lot of servers
isn't going to get flack from HP if they need to exchange a server
for a different model.

Like I said, you need to think long and carefully before dispensing
with a VAR to save the couple hundred bucks by buying it off the website.

>> Ted
>Thank yor for your replies, so far.
>I take you have some experience with ProLiants and FreeBSD.
>Are you pleased with this combination?

I have booted FreeBSD on a DL360 but not extensively tested it.
I have booted it on a ML360.  I have run it and do
run it on the older Proliant hardware which uses the older RAID
driver and it works fine on that.  And I run both Windows and
Solaris x86 on the newer Proliants.  The Proliant gear is top
notch, there is no more reliable server gear available from

  Others who have posted to the list before do run it on the
Proliant hardware, most with no problems, some with a few problems,
some with lots of problems. I do not recall a post from anyone
running it on a DL385 on this list.  The fact is that HP/Compaq
in their server line is getting like General Motors where they
have the same basic cars in every model line, just different brands
on the nameplates and minor styling differences.

I also must point out that I run it on clone gear, and on other
manufacturers gear like HP Netservers, Gateway, Dell, Toshiba, NEC, etc.
Most of the time it works, some times it doesen't.

It would of course be nice if someone setup a "system certification"
program for FreeBSD.  The problem is that such a program is only useful
if your certifying brand new gear.  And there is too much of it and it's
too expensive for anyone to do this.  With the older gear, typically
people get it very cheap, so if it doesen't run FreeBSD then they
just move on to the next machine, thus a certification program is
of little use to them.

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