Anyone successfully running FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL385?

lars lars at
Thu Aug 11 15:38:33 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Did you send them e-mail about that model?  They track all those
> presales queries, it is what they use to determine new models to
> add into testdrive.
No, I will, thx.

> The problem is there's more models of the DL385 and the DL360
> than you can shake a stick at.  While someone here may be running a
> DL385 it's a crapshoot if it is the same model of DL385 as you
> want.
Ok. I meant the latest model with Opteron processor(s).
Model number 373545-421.

> I doubt your going to get FreeBSD
> to run on a SATA-equipped DL385.  But, the scsi controller in the
> DL360 and the DL385 are supported by the same FreeBSD device driver.
We'll go with SCSI.

> The big thing is the FreeBSD driver for the RAID array doesen't
> support any kind of notification if a drive fails.  You have to
> depend on the blinky lights on the front of the server.
Ok, thanks for the info.
Do you happen to know whether the iLO has a monitoring/reporting
function that would notice this and notify me?

> This, by the way, is what VARs are for.  Instead of trying to
> save a miserable hundred bucks by buying the server off the
> website, find a local Compaq/HP reseller and go through them,
> and get them to guarentee FreeBSD will run on the thing to get
> the sale.
Unfortunately we can't go through a VAR.
And which VAR would guarantee us FreeBSD will run perfectly?
I doubt any would or could.
But that doesn't matter anyway.

> Ted
Thank yor for your replies, so far.

I take you have some experience with ProLiants and FreeBSD.
Are you pleased with this combination?


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