Newbie needs help setting up rackmount server

Maude User maudeuser at
Thu Aug 11 20:23:46 GMT 2005

Hello --

I recently installed FreeBSD 5.3 on my laptop and now I want to install it
onto a rackmount server (hardware specs below).

I hate to ask a silly question but here goes: Do I need to get a USB CD-ROM
drive (and keyboard and monitor) for the server in order to install FreeBSD...
or is there some way I can install onto the rackmount server from the laptop?
(There's no CD-ROM on the rackmount server, but the laptop has a CD-RW/DVD+-RW.)

The rackmount server consists of the following:

> Motherboard: Tyan GS12 single-processor 1U rackmount barebones server with:
--> ICH-5R & Intel 875P chipsets (I understand FreeBSD 5.x is ok with these)
--> Supports Intel P4 processor 800/533 MHz FSB
--> Supports up to 2 IDE HDD devices (Serial ATA and Ultra ATA/100 connectors)
--> Supports RAID 0, 1
--> Integrated LAN controller (Intel 82547GI CSA & 82541GI PCI 10/100/1000 GbE LAN
controllers) with two RJ-45 LAN connectors
--> One 32-bit/33 MHz PCI v2.3 slot
--> Four USB 2.0 ports
--> Phoenix BIOS on 4Mb Flash ROM; UCR and PXE (LAN remote boot); 
SM BIOS 2.3.1 (backward compatible w/ DMI 2.0)
---> Programmable 2-line LCD display with drivers for FreeBSD

> Processor: Intel "Northwood" 2.8GHz 533MHz FSB Socket 478 Pentium 4
(no hyperthreading)

> Memory: 2 x Micron 1024MB DDR400 ECC Registered PC3200 400MHz 184pin RAM

> Hard drives: 2 x Western Digital 250GB Serial ATA hard drives

Here's some further info about this Tyan motherboard:

Thanks for any help.

-- Steve
Brooklyn, NYC

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