Process debugging

Vinicius Pavanelli Vianna ds at
Thu Aug 11 20:19:12 GMT 2005

Hi folks :)

I have studying the accounting system on FreeBSD but have one question,
is there a way to do active accounting on a process basis? like
collecting live information about threads, memory, cpu usage, syscalls
and other stuff to something like a rrd database so i can check what
happened when a process crashed or when the load came high on the systems?
I had a crash other day on mysql and don't know what happened since it
stopped to respond, i know this is much like some bug on mysql, but
collecting this information i can know what happened, since this is a
production server, i think it's not possible to simple start debugging
it, and mysql didn't crashed or dumped core :/

Any information would be welcome, don't know if i could express what i
need very well

Thanks in advance,

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