/home on a separate slice on cloned system

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Wed Aug 10 17:29:37 GMT 2005

>    Where exactly is the /home directory you want to mount on your slave 
> machine? If it's located on your 'master' machine, you can use NFS to 
> share the directory and just create a reference in fstab to the location 
> of the NFS mounted drive on your 'slave' machine.

Hi Garrett,

Sorry for not making that clear in the first place: I want to have an
*empty* /home on the slave machine, just a partition that can be
mounted under /home. My /home on the slave machine is /dev/hda2d like
on the slave machine albeit with a different size.

(The reason is I want to clone installations having an empty /home on
the slave machines that can be "populated" later on)

So my problem is on how to set up a partition, say /dev/hda2d on the
slave machine in order to be able to mount it as /home.


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