/home on a separate slice on cloned system

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Wed Aug 10 17:14:04 GMT 2005

Ewald Jenisch wrote:

>I'm currently in the process of cloning
>FreeBSD-installations. Machines are (almost) identical - only HD-sizes
>are different.
>So I installed the "master"-system as follows:
>I set up two slices on the HD. The first slice contains /, swap, /var,
>/tmp, and /usr; the second slice only contains /home. During
>installation I installed the FreeBSD boot manager. Everything's
>running perfect on the master machine (besides the small issue that
>the FreeBSD boot manager lets me choose between two (!) installations
>- I assume this comes because I've got two slices).
>The next step was cloning: On the target machine ("slave") I set up
>two FreeBSD partitions (i.e. "slices" in BSD-lingo: the first one
>exactly equal to the first slice on the master machine, the second one
>a little smaller. The cloning process itself went OK without problems
>- I cloned the first slice from the master- to the slave-machine.
>After copying over the data I only had to boot with the FreeBSD
>Install-CD on the slave-system one time in order to write the boot
>manager and the machine booted without problems.
>Now for the problem: Upon boot the slave machine says it can't find
>the /home-partition, i.e. hda2d, and goes into single-user mode. Sure
>enough once I comment out the respective entry in /etc/fstab the box
>runs without problems.
>In order to get /dev/hda2d mounted as root I've already tried writing
>the partition table (sysinstall - Index - Partition - "w") and I've
>also labelled the disk (Sysinstall - Index - Label) but that didn't
>solve my problem either.
>So my question: How do I prepare the second slice /dev/hda2d on the
>slave machine in order to get mounted as /home?
>Thanks much in advance for any clue,
    Where exactly is the /home directory you want to mount on your slave 
machine? If it's located on your 'master' machine, you can use NFS to 
share the directory and just create a reference in fstab to the location 
of the NFS mounted drive on your 'slave' machine.

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