Anyone successfully running FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL385?

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Wed Aug 10 14:29:19 GMT 2005


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>Subject: Anyone successfully running FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL385?
>Hi all,
>I've just been to the FreeBSD Proliant website
>I also checked the freebsd-proliant at archive,
>apart from John Cagle's welcome message it's empty.
>Before I ask him I want to turn to this list.
>Judging by the variety of tools available on the site
>it doesn't look that bad for FreeBSD on these machines.
>But I'm still interested whether anyone's already running
>FreeBSD STABLE on a DL385,
>maybe even with
>~3GB RAM,
>an Opteron CPU,
>~4 SCSI disks in a RAID-5 array hosted by the onboard Smart 
>Array 6i chip,
>a hot-swappable DAT72 tape drive,
>and iLO.
>Are all devices working well, are the HDDs and the tape drive 
>is the iLO working as it should?
>Any issues?
>I'd really like to drive this machine with FreeBSD,
>but I can't afford to waste more than 3 days testing functionality
>before it has to be productive.
>So I'd be really thankful for any information on this combination.
>Kind regards,
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