Anyone successfully running FreeBSD on a HP Proliant DL385?

lars lars at
Tue Aug 9 21:48:11 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I've just been to the FreeBSD Proliant website

I also checked the freebsd-proliant at archive,
apart from John Cagle's welcome message it's empty.

Before I ask him I want to turn to this list.

Judging by the variety of tools available on the site
it doesn't look that bad for FreeBSD on these machines.

But I'm still interested whether anyone's already running
FreeBSD STABLE on a DL385,
maybe even with
an Opteron CPU,
~4 SCSI disks in a RAID-5 array hosted by the onboard Smart Array 6i chip,
a hot-swappable DAT72 tape drive,
and iLO.

Are all devices working well, are the HDDs and the tape drive hot-swappable,
is the iLO working as it should?

Any issues?

I'd really like to drive this machine with FreeBSD,
but I can't afford to waste more than 3 days testing functionality
before it has to be productive.
So I'd be really thankful for any information on this combination.

Kind regards,

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