question about compile options

David Baird lists.riverside at
Wed Aug 10 09:46:24 GMT 2005

On 8/10/05, Glenn Dawson <glenn at> wrote:
> At 06:05 PM 8/9/2005, David Banning wrote:
> >I am wondering how to know what compile options are available for
> >a given ports package. 
> from ports(7) man page:
>       Some of the targets work recursively through subdirectories.  This lets
>       you, for example, install all of the ``biology'' ports.  The targets that
>       do this are build, checksum, clean, configure, depends, extract, fetch,
>       install, and package.
>       The following targets will be run automatically by each proceeding target
>       in order.  That is, build will be run (if necessary) by install, and so
>       on all the way to fetch.  Usually, you will only use the install target.
> config     Configure OPTIONS for this port using dialog(1).

I have wondered about this as well. make config only deals with
interactive options, AFAIK. make configure seems to give a bit more
information, but that seems to depend on the port. For instance,
apache gives lots of information about loading modules.

Is it just a case of hunting down the documentation for a particular
package, or is there a generic way to list available compile options?


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