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Glenn Dawson glenn at
Wed Aug 10 01:28:57 GMT 2005

At 06:05 PM 8/9/2005, David Banning wrote:
>I am wondering how to know what compile options are available for
>a given ports package. For instance I want to compile
>/usr/ports/www/php4-cgi with support for mysql and fastcgi, but
>looking in the port, all there exists is a Makefile containing
>little information. There are no subdirectories. Subdirectories
>are created during the make, but then presumably the default
>options have already been followed, leaving out mysql.
>Looking around for the answer, I noticed some others just
>download the package and install it separate from the ports.

from ports(7) man page:

      Some of the targets work recursively through subdirectories.  This lets
      you, for example, install all of the ``biology'' ports.  The targets that
      do this are build, checksum, clean, configure, depends, extract, fetch,
      install, and package.

      The following targets will be run automatically by each proceeding target
      in order.  That is, build will be run (if necessary) by install, and so
      on all the way to fetch.  Usually, you will only use the install target.

config     Configure OPTIONS for this port using dialog(1).


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