How to tell if /usr/obj is up to date?

Björn König bkoenig at
Wed Aug 10 09:00:35 GMT 2005

Joel Hatton wrote:

> Is there any way to use make in /usr/src to tell if my object tree is up
> to date? 
> Situation: 
> I cvsup my sources and do the make buildworld / buildkernel / installkernel
> / installworld steps. Later, I cvsup again to update for a vul that doesn't
> require world to be rebuilt (such as FreeBSD-SA-05:16.zlib) and install.
> [...]

First of all the security advisory gives detailed instructions to patch 
your system without rebuilding the whole world.

To build the world without clearing /usr/obj you need to use

   make -DNO_CLEAN buildworld

See also make.conf(5).

Regards Björn

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student at the Technische Universität Berlin

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