How to tell if /usr/obj is up to date?

Joel Hatton freebsd-questions at
Wed Aug 10 05:53:33 GMT 2005


Is there any way to use make in /usr/src to tell if my object tree is up
to date? 


I cvsup my sources and do the make buildworld / buildkernel / installkernel
/ installworld steps. Later, I cvsup again to update for a vul that doesn't
require world to be rebuilt (such as FreeBSD-SA-05:16.zlib) and install.
Now, for instance, a newer update for zlib is available and I'll naturally
have to repeat the previous step. However, hypothetically if for no other
reason, is it possible to tell, after getting my sources up to date again,
if this new revision has already been built and hence is now in the object
tree or do I have to do it all over again to be sure?

In this case, if I run make -n in /usr/src/lib/libz/ should this report
differently depending on whether /usr/obj is up to date or not?


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